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In recent months, we have faced unprecedented circumstances. The year has proven to be emotional and challenging. Asking us to come together to face obstacles, that has gone unaddressed for decades. As a people, as a nation and now as a community, we must come together. This is not an individual fight, but a fight we must face with a unified voice.

I have marched and gathered with many of you in solidarity. I am running for City Council because as a father, I want to be a part of creating a safe and promising environment for my daughter Olana and your children. I am running for City Council because as a man of color, I am constantly reminded of what we need to accomplish together. I am running for City Council because together, we can lead the charge for systemic change. Our children deserve a brighter future, and we owe it to those that have come before us to continue to build on their accomplishments. Lives have been sacrificed and tears have been wept for our progress. So, I ask you to please stand with me today.

Today is not the beginning of my journey; my steps have been in a profound direction many years. I've been a public servant for over 20 years. As a student senator at York College, part of a young leadership team, I was able to fight for resources for our students and the advancement of the only university in Southeast Queens. That fight must continue.

As the Director of Community Affairs under the leadership of then Council Member Leroy Comrie and as the District Director for Council Member I. Daneek Miller, I worked tirelessly to serve my community by serving as the liaison between the community and government. Most recently, I served as Queen's liaison to NYC Public Advocate, Jumaane Williams, I know the importance of citywide government relationships in building our community. I understand the importance of building a partnership between government and the community something I have been doing for many years. Now, as Special Assistant to the Executive Director of Southern Queens Park Association, (SQPA), a non-for-profit organization with a mission to provide comprehensive programs to our children, families and adults, I witnessed the need for social programs for our community, including programs that empower our youth to lead as the next generation and a safe haven for families.

I am well prepared to fight on our behalf. As your City Council Member, I know it is my responsibility to bring home equitable resources and continue our fight -the fight of my predecessors. Please join my campaign in MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER.

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Add to the legacy of the 27th Council District. Only let exceptional personalities like Al Kanu lead. He has the advantage of being a figure outside of the fray. With his experience, we can get things done.

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