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Al-Hassan Kanu Announced Policies To Support Seniors Live Full And Productive Lives After COVID-19

Al-Hassan Kanu, community advocate and candidate for Council District 27, today announced policy proposals to help seniors in Southeast Queens come out of the pandemic and expand services moving forward. With senior centers still not fully open, these policies focus on areas that would allow these populations to safely travel, show them how to use the latest technology, and build more places for them to live. When senior centers re-open fully, these initiatives ensure our seniors will receive full-range of services to help them golden years in dignity.

“Having worked in the City for nearly two decades, I know that there’s much more work to do to help our seniors live the quality of life they deserve” said Al-Hassan Kanu. “The organizations that provide programming that keeps those who took care of us physically and mentally strong. When elected the City Council, will continue as a strong advocate for our seniors needs.”

The policies that Al advocates include:

  • Expand caregiver and case management programs so they can reach out to senior programs and services they need. During COVID-19, many of our senior programs did this work and it should continue as the pandemic comes to and end;
  • Work with community boards, organizations that plan programs for seniors and houses of worship, to identify preferred locations for senior housing with supportive services. That way public and private and private investment can be directed to create the housing each community needs;
  • To make sure eligible seniors take advantage of property tax relief and other available benefit programs, Al will expand outreach through his office, senior agencies, community groups and faith based organization;
  • Al will work with his colleagues in government to reduce seniors high water bills by advocating for legislation that is similar to the Senior Citizens Rent Increase Exemption and Senior Citizen Homeowners’ Exemption programs;
  • Expand Queens Library branches operations to seven days, open 10-14 hours daily, and create a program that trains seniors on how to access technology and develop better computer skills;
  • So seniors can learn new skills and enter the workforce, Al will work with his colleagues in government to create a CUNY certificate program that they can enroll in;
  • To help seniors travel, Al will work to improve bus service to make it more frequent, install additional bus shelters with benches; and improve accessibility to Long Island Rail Road stations with capital improvements such as elevators;
  • SNAP has been trying to complete a new building in Southeast Queens for a long time and Al will work with his colleagues in government to assure its completion, while also expanding the program across the district;
  • Al will get NYCHA to complete the $320k installation of security cameras and secure building access, allocated by Councilman I. Daneek Miller, to enhance safety for seniors at the NYCHA Conlon Lihfe Towers.

These policies build on Al’s plan to improve health outcomes in Southeast Queens by creating  greater access to medical facilities and move EMS insurance revenues diverted to FDNY from the city’s Health and Hospital System by then- Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

You can also read more about how Al plans to support seniors in the City Council on LiveOn-NY’s website, where he was the only Council District 27 candidate to submit answers.

“With most of our seniors finally vaccinated, and as the city continues to open up, we must make sure seniors can access the resources they need to enjoy their golden years” Al-Hassan Kanu continued.