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Al-Hassan Kanu is Endorsed by City Councilman I. Daneek Miller

Endorsements come as a slew of community leaders from Council District 27 also endorsed Al

During his official office opening in Jamaica, Queens on Saturday, May 8, Al-Hassan Kanu, community advocate and candidate for New York City Council District 27, was endorsed by the person he hopes to succeed, I. Daneek Miller.

Mr. Kanu was also endorsed by community leaders who all echoed the same sentiment as Councilman Miller, that his hard work and dedication of serving residents in District 27 made him the best choice to represent them in the City Council because of his ability to effectively advocate for their needs.

“As someone who came here searching for a better life, I immediately saw not just the opportunity that was here in Queens, but also how the people were here for each other. From my time attending York College, visiting the small businesses on Jamaica Avenue, or our religious and civic institutions that continue to bring everyone together, what made it special was everything our leaders put into it” said Al-Hassan Kanu, community advocate and candidate for New York City Council district 27. “Having been lucky enough to work for some of the great elected officials this city has to offer, I’m proud to receive the endorsement today of Councilman I. Daneek Miller. He gave me the opportunity to be his Director of Constituent Affairs, and it was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. When I become the next Council member of the 27th Councilmatic District, I promise to continue to that work with the same dedication and drive you have come to expect of me.”

“More than ever Southeast Queens needs dedicated, competent community-oriented leaders, and Al Kanu fits the bill for Council District 27. I’ve seen Al’s work up close as my District Director, and also while he worked for then-Council Member Leroy Comrie. Al has been a tireless community advocate for over a decade, organizing efforts to keep homeowners in their houses, connect families to affordable housing, and mitigate flooding issues in our residential community. Thanks to Al’s service we’ve begun the renaissance of Downtown Jamaica, improved local parks, and created the reduced fare LIRR Atlantic Ticket program. Al has the the relationships, knowledge and ability to successfully represent District 27 and I wholeheartedly support him for the City Council.” Councilman I. Daneek Miller.

Erica Ford, Founder of LIFE Camp: “I’ve been living here for 50 years right here in the 27th Councilmanic district. Al-Hassan Kanu knows the job. He needs no on-the-job training. Al has been delivering on the front lines for our community for more than 15 years. Al is a leader in the fight for social justice; he’ll fight for true community policing model, adequate resources for community prevention programs and police officers hired from the community and appropriately trained to engage with the community to help reduce violence. Al Kanu gets the job done. Al Kanu is always out there finding the work, doing the work and making the resolutions happen. In a community that needs affordable housing Al delivered. When neighbors needed relief from flooding, Al was there. Unfair ticketing – Al got the city to stop. Schools need resources – Al found the money. Al brought in Neighborhood Housing Services to educate and protect homeowners facing foreclosure. Al-Hassan Kanu already made a difference for our community. Imagine what only Al-Hassan Kanu can do as our City Council member.”

Margaret Denson: “I believe in Al and know he will make a great City Councilman. You can call him at anytime and he will be there for you, working for the people. I have worked with him for many years and have seen how he loves the people and works tirelessly for them to make sure their needs are met no matter what time of day or night it is.”

Gloria Rochester: “Al will ensure funding for the 116th Pct. and make sure it includes a promised community center and ensure health programs address sickle cell disease.”

Karen Plummer: “For years my family and I struggled with the fact that 117th Road at Farmers Blvd. was too narrow to be a two way street. My mother Viola reached out to Al Kanu; Al was able to get 117th Road converted into a one way street. I am supporting Al because when you need something done, Al gets it done.”

Lois Menyweather: “Al organized a virtual town hall for small business owners in South East Queens to apply for and receive vital government assistance and worked with community organizations and Senator Comrie, to deliver food to seniors and residents in need.”

Linette Townsley: “For many years, I have witnessed Al’s work in the district. He has remained hands on resolving matters that directly impact our young people. Al understands the youth are our future and he continues to invest in them. I proudly support Al for City Council because he will make sure our future is secure.”

Rev. Esther Wiggins: “Al’s approach to politics and community organizing and governing involves moving our community forward by working together. After residents on 183rd Street and Liberty Avenue complained about getting ticketed for parking near homes during a major City construction project, Al worked with Councilman Miller and City agencies to get this stopped and provide a real solution.”

Adrienne Whaley: “Al has been of great support over the past several years and with him in office, we know that he will ensure that the creatives and the smallest of business are highlighted and given the resources necessary to sustain and build. With Al, The underrepresented and underserved will have a powerful voice and caring advocate.”