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Economic Development is the key to the future. With a number of long standing businesses in our community, it is important that we also continue to cultivate new ideas and entrepreneurs. We need to maintain the authenticity of our community. As we continue to grow we must ensure that we are supporting economic development in a multitude of ways. Employment is pivotal as we have brilliant young people in our community seeking opportunities. By integrating co-working spaces into our forever growing neighborhoods we are creating a space for resume strengthening, think tanks, and networking.

As our communities were recently impacted by COVID-19, many of our local businesses fell victim. Business owners were left to make difficult decisions, as funding was not reaching the businesses across our community. The unequal distribution of funds proved that we need to continue to push and advocate for our own economical growth.

Southeast Queens is historical, and I will maintain the presence of brick and mortar businesses, while incorporating new technology to propel our community forward. My goal is to enrich Southeast Queens with strong support for small businesses and extending the reach of funding opportunities. There is no limit to the potential of Southeast Queens and we must continue to push forward!