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To be competitive in today’s economy, students must have some background in technology upon graduation. While the current council member has helped to secure increased funding for structured after school programs, ensuring that every school provides every student with access to technology in school and at home (especially for our struggling families) will bethe next challenge. This is true as the COVID -19 pandemic exacerbated this disparity and challenge.

Cameras in Schools

Based on recent increases of violence in schools, cameras would assist in preventing violence and allow DOE to conduct appropriate investigations into matters that arise. The cameras would be strategically placed in classrooms and hallways of all DOE school buildings.

DOE needs to be held accountable for school altercations and making sure parents are made aware. Parents should be notified immediately if their children are involved in altercations. DOE needs to put protocols in place for how to appropriately handle altercations on school premises. Also, fights should be stopped immediately after being witnessed by staff.

School resources should be better allocated. They are in need of proper technology and books to ensure an outstanding work environment.

Funding needs to be allocated for schools to be equipped with AC. Gymnasiums need to have air conditioning, so students can assemble in environments that are comfortable and safe. School buses also need to be equipped with AC for students who at times are subjected to extreme weather conditions while commuting to and from school.

School Safety

To avert the continuous threat posed by the possession of firearms by the wrong people, school safety will continue to be a top priority of my office to combat school shootings. As a parent, the thought of protecting schools and student is equally as important to me as that of my children. The expanded use of cameras in school zones will help tremendously to deter these occurrences and augment any investigation that would ensue from these actions.

After school programs

As parents juggle multiple jobs and extended daily hours to make ends meet, childcare becomes a hurdle to overcome. Extended childcare and afterschool programs will allow students the ability to continue schoolwork with snacks, and prepare for the next school day, while parents get the relief needed.

Improving York College

As an alumni of the only four year higher institution in Southeast Queens, York College, I know there is no reason that more graduate programs cannot be provided at this institution. We must review management of the institution but most importantly funding. It is time we make York College “The Go To School” for all your educational needs in Southeast Queens.

My office will ensure that quality education is not only accessible, but affordable. Southeast Queens (SEQ) requires its fair shareof resources for competitive public schools and higher education institutions. I will work with the Department of Education and CUNY to improve our institutions.

Youth Services in Community Centers

With recent tragedies related to gangs violence and other deadly attractions facing our community, there is a need for us to keep our doors open for our young people. My office will work tirelessly to help offer alternative such as organized sports and positive extra curricular activities to the youth. This would also mean the revitalization and transformation of the Roy Wilkins Park & recreation to provide more service for our youth.

Many have undertaken the task of keeping our youth knowledgeable and offering haven for them. My office will make it an essential task to ensure that full funding is provided for their operations, while increasing funding for Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). The services they provide keeps our youth occupied in a structured environment.The presence of these facilities has enabled us to extend school hours with programs that prepares our children for the future.