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Senior Housing

Many of our seniors, who have paved the way for generations to come, are unable to find habitable locations on fixed incomes. More specifically, there is an inequitable share of living quarters with not enough apartments to house our seniors wishing to reside in smaller homes or find housing that aligns with their financial obligations.


Funding to Senior Centers

Unfortunately, the lack of adequate funding has greatly impacted Senior Centers which have become social and education environments for our seniors. The lack of funding for these senior centers is greatly impeding the transportation efforts for our seniors to and from these centers where they socialize with their peers, take courses, and sometimes actively volunteer. Proper funding would also provide or help maintain needed computer labs in these centers and expand legal counsel or advice for those in need.

Snow Removal

Since snowfall is inevitable, Snow Removal as a safety hazard must be a priority, especially for our most vulnerable seniors and disabled populations during the winter season. Though elected officials have established strong relationships with Wildcats and other groups to serve the community, funding must be increased to ensure that seniors are receiving snow removal assistance at their homes during inclement weather.